Friday, February 23, 2007

so you think you know.....

so as was said before...there was more to come. well there is.

i started this blog because i thought it was a legitmate than a myspace blog. granted, anyone can read this one. so i will have to be careful about what i post. i think i will keep it light. more social commentary than anything

also, i named this blog "a decadent discourse" because we are in an age of self indulgence w/ everything. so to me, this is my self indulgence. i love to write. i love to write about my life experiences mainly. i see humor and idiocy everywhere so i like to spread the word.

anyone with a keyboard and a modem can become a published writer so, i decided since that's what i love to do. I might as well do something with it.

i will try to update atleast a few times a week. there will be angry rants about dumb stuff so if you don't want to read why i hate britney and the rest of the dumb blonds in hollywood then i suggest going to a different blog.


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